Saturday, October 21, 2006

my second blog

This is my place where the people are capable of making wooden handycraft.
This picture illustrate the importance of art.

Hi everyone this is my own blog i update it everytime
if i have enough time..
My friend Reina and his love Ronald

Me and Reina
Me and Ronald
My bestfriend Rene and Reina
Me and My best friend

this is my naughty bro(he is in custom department
fo UC)

my sis ala model konohay...

this is me and my freinds with one of the java
evangelist in singapore....

this is me and my friend aireen rosales
do we close?

ito nagsoroysoroy heheheh...

this is me in lahug ballroom
but i am not dancing i am here cuz i am
invited to join the java in cebu conference....

My first blog

hi everyone i am nash 20 years old. i am an IT student hope you like my blog........